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The qualities which we wish to consider when thinking about a great choice of first snake. Each variable is rated from 1-10 (10 being the best we could possibly hope for). The scores for each variable are added together and divided by 5 giving the average score across the 5 considerations. This score is turned into a percentage representation of suitability for the beginner.

60-69%: Two variables probably in need of attention
70-79%: One variable probably in need of attention
80-85%: Good all-rounder
86-90%: Very strong contenders
90+%: Essentially tick all the boxes.
All Snakes in this book are capable of scoring 10’s across the board. It is fully accepted that examples exist that buck the trend. Scores are given after consideration of examples kept over the years. These scores are not definitive and you will find examples of tame snakes with far lower scores. Don’t just rule them out.

Countries of Origin: Not necessarily an exhaustive list but enough to give the reader an idea of natural range. Regional, county and state information provided where appropriate.
Habitat / Biome: Will help guide the reader as to the décor and apparatus appropriate to the species.
Vivarium Style: TE (Terrestrial) SA (Semi Arboreal) AB (Arboreal) ST (Subterranean) AQ (Aquatic)
Adult Length: Average adult size, exceptions both smaller and larger exist.
Temperature range: A safe range from cool end to basking hot spot.
Humidity range: The range that should be provided within the enclosure, a moot point if a moss box is provided as it will be 100% within that localised hide. If present other spraying of the enclosure not usually necessary.
Moss Box / Damp Box: In most cases this is optional, if not provided spraying may be needed to bolster humidity level.
Mode of reproduction: Egg Layer or Live Bearer.
Clutch / Litter Size: A average yield from an adult female, exceptions exist both producing less and more.
Metabolism: How soon after feeding the keeper can expect waste materials from the snake. Fast = 2-3 days, Average = 4-7 days and Slow = 7-10 days.
Brumation: If brumation is either recommended for fertility, health or appetite a comment will be made here.
Availability UK: Common, Relatively common, becoming scarce, scarce, becoming rare, rare and very rare.

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