Welcome to South Yorkshire's most diverse selection of quality captive bred animals

Snakes’N’Adders aims to provide customers with the tools to correctly care for and breed reptiles, amphibians and arachnids. This is accomplished by a combination of market leading prices on an incredibly diverse range of dry goods from the industries largest suppliers. As accomplished herpetoculturists in our own right we can offer the advice and back up service needed by novice, experienced and advanced keepers alike.



The sheer range of species carried means we far outperform other shops in the area for an option on what pet is best suited to you. Snakes’N’Adders, as policy does not believe in half measures. You will be provided with all the equipment, foods, literature and consumables without hesitation with the aim of providing the best quality of life for the pet of your choice.

Snakes’N’Adders is an already nationally renowned brand having cultivated a strong following of avid exotic pet enthusiasts over the last 7 years at our old base in Leeds, in what was an already winning formula Charles & Paul have taken the shop to the next level in presentation. You just can’t help be impressed with Snakes’N’Adders has to offer.